Furniture industry new play law high-end furniture rental trend

Renting a set of furniture is a bit strange to ordinary consumers. Currently, there are almost all scaled furniture rentals on the market for enterprises. Recently, Bangjia, located in the east of Shifoying, leased the first flagship store in Beijing for trial operation. The new furniture rental model has aroused great interest from consumers. It is reported that this new furniture rental store is mainly for medium and high-end furniture rental. According to the calculation of the reporter, the three-year rent is equal to 20% of the purchase of new products.

High-end furniture rental has demand

The rental furniture provided in the state rental store is all new high-end furniture, modern, European and Chinese. According to industry insiders, under the influence of high housing prices and real estate purchase restrictions in the first-tier cities, many white-collar workers who rent more but have higher incomes tend to rent branded furniture to improve their quality of life.

Jiang Hongwei, chairman of Bangjia Leasing, revealed that market research found that in addition to white-collar consumer groups, there are many multinational companies and high-level domestic enterprises in Beijing who want to rent high-end furniture and do not need to take them away.

Leasing new model to improve the furniture industry chain

Fu Jianguo, general manager of the Nickel Aijia, a Beijing furniture brand that has been in the state of renting a house, said that in the past, furniture manufacturers relied too much on the chain of home stores, and they always faced pressure from a large inventory and profit dilution. On the one hand, the new furniture leasing model can revitalize the manufacturer's inventory, accelerate the circulation of assets, and on the other hand increase the new sales channels and net profit.

The reporter learned that for furniture rental products, there are problems such as quick replacement and easy depreciation. Bangjia Leasing divides the products into four grades A, B, C and D in the operation mode. Class A is a brand new purchase directly by the state in the factory. Products, Class B are second-hand products of better quality, and Class C and D are products of some defective products.

Jiang Hongwei said that first-tier cities such as Beijing will be mainly based on Class A high-end new products, and other products will be distributed to second-tier cities in Bangjia stores to meet the needs of furniture rental in different cities. For rental furniture that has reached the end of its useful life, it will go directly to the recycling and reuse system.

Rental reminder: health issues

How to ensure the hygiene of soft furniture such as beds and sofas that come into contact with skin? The person in charge of the furniture rental company said that with reference to the furniture rental experience in Europe and the United States, the soft furniture rental is mainly leather. Before the rental, the disinfection will be carried out, and the fabric furniture will clean or replace the fabric.

Quality issues

Who is responsible for the quality problems of furniture during the rental period? The guide said that the overall condition of the goods will be assessed before leasing. The quality problem occurs during the warranty period and is guaranteed by the manufacturer. The warranty period is exceeded by the state. The repair cost of man-made damage is borne by the renter. Experts reminded that before renting furniture, the quality, damage and other issues should be stated in the contract, and the warranty should be clearly agreed.

Rental price

How is the price of furniture rental calculated? According to the standards of other cities, furniture products are rented for half a year, and the deposit is about 50% of the price of the goods. You can get 20% off for every one year of rent renewal, and you can buy goods after renting for 3 years plus 1 yuan. The rent for furniture is 2/3 less than the purchase, and the rent for three years is equivalent to about 20% of the original price of the product.

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