Faded beauty Citizen launched the moonlight series of women's watches

"The nature of the true, the eternal beauty" is CITIZEN L Longyue series watch design philosophy, also convey the belief we always uphold: a beautiful appearance from the beautiful heart, the external beauty is the embodiment of intrinsic beauty. The hazy month series presents a real luxury concept. It is with this spirit that the "long-haired moon" representing the new luxury is built on the design spindle. CITIZEN combines the simplicity and elegance of traditional craftsmanship with modern design. The hazy month series represents a standard of courage in challenging traditions and redefining luxury watches: caring for the environment, people and culture. The purpose of the moon series watch is to let the watch and the wearer exude the true beauty from the inside out. Obsidian is the famous Japanese architect Fujimoto as mediated design consultant, and Ikoma Yoshiko as brand consultant, to strengthen the spread of the moon series has always been the concept. The new Moonlight Luxury Watch covers the concepts of craftsmanship and sustainability, expresses respect for traditional craftsmanship, and presents these skills to influential women in the new age. The concept of sustainable development, the new CITIZEN L Moon Series watches are powered by kinetic energy technology, by absorbing any visible light source and converted into electricity stored in the battery within the movement. The new watch model EG7000-01A, titanium case with a watch diameter of 37.8 mm, spherical sapphire glass mirror, waterproof 50 meters, photodynamic energy (fully charged continuous operation for 8 months), Nishijin weaving table With the world's limited 1000, exclusive limited watch box. Reference price of 15,000 yuan. The "hazy moon" is from Ambiluna, a combination of "Ambient" and "Lunar." "Ambient" refers to the natural environment filled with air and light, "Lunar" is a metaphorical expression of the subtle power of the Moon as the water of Sofitel and the Moonstone sapphire glass used on the watch. In essence, the watch is a precision mechanical timekeeping, but the time itself is invisible, inaccessible. Under the concept of "true light," Fujimoto incorporated these two conflicting elements into the watch with the use of light and ingenious design. Sapphire glass mirror matte treatment, when you wear the moon series watches, not so much time in reading, more like feeling the time. "Water Moon sapphire glass mirror," reproduce the moonlight hazy graceful feeling. Benefit from this unique design of the mirror and the time-honored craftsmanship, the Moonblonde watch is more than just a clocking tool, but a soft touch of time-sensitive memories of moving stories. CITIZEN L moon series limited edition watch with a moon glass sapphire surface, making the surface of the watch reflects more abundant light, showing a different color tone and brightness. The case is super-treated with CITIZEN's patented surface hardening technology, which is 5 times harder than stainless steel. At the same time, Super Titanium also features ultra-light and comfortable, even sensitive skin need not worry. Strap selection of the series of exclusive design of the West Fabric material. This material is provided by HOSOO, a fabric manufacturer with a 350-year history in Tokyo. Nishijin woven delicate tone and luster and case design complement each other, elegant and refined strap look like the melting of the light and shadow, the interpretation of the most simple and vividly. In addition to limited edition, CITIZEN L long month series there are unique bracelet models. Its design uses a Japanese traditional lacquer. Made from pure hand-crafted, each one's color and each layer of paint are unique, creating a rich and varied light reflection effect. Moonlight Sapphire glass mirror and lacquer are presented by the different light fusion in a simple watch. The dial is set with a diamond on the 12 o'clock dial, adding elegance to the overall design. Naturally these elements, vibrant, inject vitality for this watch, an increase of pure elegance. Continue to work hard to feel the time, CITIZEN L Longyue watch with thick Japanese-style design focus, such as the moon fell on white pebbles, and sometimes showing golden, rose, bright white, but also highlights the delicate spirit of Japan , The moonlight v. V. Every moment of the mood, even if not leave the summer, rounded sapphire glass reveals a hint of Qin Liang. This article is reprinted from the watch era, if you have any questions, please send an email to wbsj@wbiao.cn to contact us.