These watches have a lot to do with the United States

Harry Winston Harry Winston OPUS 14 Harry Winston was founded in New York in 1932 and has long been known as "King of Diamonds," "Star Jeweler," and other names to represent Harry Winston. The most famous should be the top gems including The Jonker and Hope Diamond. Of course, in addition to the achievements in the jewelry, Harry Winston has also made considerable achievements in the watch, watch in addition to some super-beauty jewelry watches, and a series of independent watchmakers work together Opus has been a love table People and many collections of coffee are sought after series. The new Opus14 watch from the classic image of the 50's - jukebox draw inspiration. In the cool design presents a number of complex functions. Ralph Lauren RALPH LAUREN STIRRUP mini chain link diamond watch Ralph Lauren this is the most American brand of the United States local characteristics, and under the brand watch jewelery company with the luxury goods giant Richemont set up co-investment, therefore, Ralph Lauren watch also uses the Swiss movement. The new RL Stirrup series of mini chain watch, rose gold shell, with a white dial, and bezel decorated with pure diamonds, with a white low-key to dilute the golden high-profile, luxurious and timeless. Hamilton Khaki commander series Founded in Pennsylvania in 1892 in the United States, Hamilton is an authentic American brand known for its innovative designs and textures, and is a member of the Swatch Group. Hamilton watch debuted in more than 450 Hollywood films such as "Pearl Harbor," "Men in Black," "Superman Returns," and was hailed as "Hollywood Star Watch." Having been associated with Hollywood for 59 years, Han Table has become a movie A symbol of the world. TIMEX days when the United States TIMEX day beauty when the watch Founded in 1854 the US watch brand TIMEX (days when the United States), has a very legendary history. It is understood that in the United States on average every third person has a wearing TIMEX (days of the United States) watches, the former US President Bush, Clinton are also their loyal wearers. Wickman Wakmann Flying Executive series hollow automatic watch Wakmann from the United States during the World War II watch brand, since its inception in New York in 1946, has been the United States military and the public to provide accurate and reliable watch timepiece. With its range of precision military timepieces and many years of experience in the field of fashion watch design, Wickman's watch designs range from classic craftsmanship to fashion design. Fossil Fossil JACQUELINE series colorful texture exquisite watches American well-known lifestyle brand Fossil inspired by the famous French painter, Fauve founder Henry - Matisse's style inspired by the full and vivid kaleidoscope paper-cut as the main design element, the integration of vibrant colors and ideas Design details, to create a wonderful Thanksgiving 2015 holiday series of selected products. Apple Apple Watch Apple Apple Watch this year with Hermes to launch one of the models - Double Tour Since Apple out of the watch, people are native American brand, it refers to the table in the United States, there must be Apple Watch. Unlike traditional mechanical or quartz watches, Apple Watch debuted as a smart watch in the watch ring and technology circle has caused a lot of topics. Although many people Tucao, but because of Apple go buy Apple Watch the same is not unusual. Source: