Enter the world - Chopard LUC Series Time Traveler One World Watch

2016 is remarkable for Chopin as it marks the twentieth anniversary of the brand's watchmaking factory in Fleurier, Switzerland. Of course, the launch of a series of memorable new watches is essential. No, Chopin, once again near the end of the year, once again expanded its commemorative style team with a new series of LUC timepieces, as shown Shown: Chopard LUC Series Time Traveler One World Watches. First pick the most important to say: This watch is a steel style! Chopard for the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the LUC series Time Traveler One But Chopin's first world time watch, just a solid design look It makes people feel good, but also very fascinating. Based on a moderate 42mm size case, the new Time Traveler One combines the practical and gorgeous design concepts of the LUC with its ability to prove everyday whether it is everyday wear or world travel. A trusted partner. The new timepiece has three styles available to consumers, namely the steel material style, rose gold style and platinum style (the picture above are arranged in order). Stainless steel and platinum models are easy to distinguish, the biggest difference is that both the dial color, as well as platinum due to the density and significant weight. Platinum Time Traveler One watch using a blue-gray dial, ah, the brand is so called [in fact more like "aqua (aqua)", a vivid, vibrant metal green], and the white time scale Cities and other applications, while the steel style is more sporty black with orange design. Regardless of the style, they are both 42mm in size and 12.1mm thick, with front and back and back covered by sapphire crystal glass with a water-resistant depth of 50 meters. This Chopard's TimeLuxe One, the LUC range of timepieces, is a true World Time watch with a rotating 24-hour hour loop that coordinates all the time around the dial's city. The local time and date (the innermost dial, indicated by the arrow pointer, will not affect any reading) through the 2 o'clock crown to adjust, and the outermost city ring is through the 4 o'clock crown to Synchronize. Once set, the wearer can easily grasp the time simply by looking at the city and the corresponding hour scale on the 24-hour circle plus the minutes indicated by the minute hand. When the wearer holds the heavy Time Traveler One in his hand and pulls the 4 o'clock crown out into position and starts to spin, he will be amazed at how thick and steady it is. A curious satisfaction of clicks, because the double-colored 24-hour hour beats the hour-long base. This Time Traveler One watch uses a new Chopard self-winding self-winding movement - Cal.01.05-L. It is based on the Chopard 01-type movement polished, the perfect expansion of the new features. Through the bottom of the table through the bottom, we can intuitively appreciate this 4Hz frequency vibration, providing 60 hours power reserve time Observatory certification movement. Xiao Bian like World Time features, so it is hard to resist this Time Traveler One watch has the attraction, especially for the very sporty black disk plus luminous orange design, just to be poisoned, So Xiaobian decided to set a small target first, such as first move it a decade of brick, and then buy it ... Although I prefer steel style, but these three models are indeed have their own different styles. Platinum blue blush disc looks very strange, very aristocratic style, while the silver rose gold section is more gentleman atmosphere, gentle and elegant. For its first world watch, Chopard can be said to do everything possible to achieve the ultimate in all aspects. 42mm size to meet the vast majority of men's wrist size, and the introduction of stainless steel style also allows more people access to Chopard, which is a luxury brand, rather than wait and see. The overall appearance of the case exudes a classical flavor, but it is not a retro theme. The edge of the case through the drawing process, while the bezel and lug part is polished, with the crocodile leather strap part of the combination is very commensurate. The new Chopard LUC Series Time Traveler One World Watch stainless steel price of 12,800 US dollars, rose gold style price of 22,500 US dollars, while the platinum style is 35,200 US dollars. Although Chopard watches into the world when the functional areas later, but this Time Traveler One World Watch is absolutely not inferior to any other similar watches, I believe in the coming days, LUC World Series will create more Brilliant. This article is reprinted from the official table, if you have any questions, please send an email to wbsj@wbiao.cn to contact us.