Easy opening analysis of packaging

Abstract : Easy opening is an additional function for packaging which can be favored by consumers. This article analyzes several indicators that need to be tested for easy opening of bag-like packaging and bottle-shaped packaging.

Keywords: bags, bottles, easy to open, heat seal, torque

1, the importance of easy opening

The ease of opening of packaging is one of the additional features of packaging that has become increasingly prominent with the intensification of market competition. How to better provide consumers with thoughtful services has long been concerned by various manufacturers. For some fields (such as daily chemical products), the basic performance of various brand products is very small. It is becoming more and more difficult to rely solely on the performance of the product itself to compete with the market. Additional means such as adding practicality to the product become Effective competition tool.

The emergence of small packaging is the result of market demand. It can provide consumers with simple, portable, and moderately sized goods. Compared with bulky, heavy, uneasy to carry, and large-volume packaging, it is more suitable for tourism, Dining and other small amount of the environment. For small packages, easy opening and sealing are two of its prominent features. Easy opening is a magic weapon for small packages to gain consumers' favor.

Bag-shaped packaging and bottle-shaped packaging are the two most common forms of packaging and have a wide range of applications in many fields of daily life, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and daily chemical product packaging.

2. Easy opening analysis of bag-like packaging

Small-sized bag-type packages have certain requirements for easy-openability, such as facial tissues, small quantities of foods and granules, puffed food (bag) packaging, instant noodles (bag) packaging, and various daily chemical product packaging, etc. . The opening may be in accordance with the easy opening (generally at the heat seal) provided by the edge of the package, or peeling from the heat seal at one end of the package, or using other tools such as scissors to open. Obviously, for a small package, it is ideal to open the bag easily without the aid of an additional tool, so that it can be combined with the small package to be portable and ready for use.

2.1 Easy opening at heat sealing

Opening in accordance with the easy opening provided on the edge of the bag is the most convenient way to open, and triangle-shaped easy openings are the most common. This method has small opening force and short opening time. It can be imagined that if the desired opening effect cannot be achieved by opening the easy opening of the packaging bag, it will have a great influence on the image of a brand. Therefore, the packaging bag needs to be designed for the degree of tearing of the packaging material and the coefficient of surface friction. The item is tested to ensure that the opening is opened when the opening is opened. Tearing degree is the main index that relates to whether the package is easy to open. However, whether the friction coefficient is reasonable or not is the main influencing factor that restricts the surface of the material to be firmly held by consumers during the process of tearing the material. The size of the tearing force of the packaging material directly characterizes the force required by the consumer when opening the package. Generally, this value should be appropriately selected so that the consumer can open the package without using much force. Because the holding force applied to the material during the tear test is large enough so that there is no “skid” of the material during the test, however, if the consumer actually opens the package, if the surface of the material is frictional The size and the tearing force of the material do not match well. It is also common for the opening difficulty to occur when the grip strength is not large enough, which in turn causes opening difficulties. In the packaging design, the two indicators of the packaging material need to be comprehensively considered and simulated under various grip conditions.

2.2 Peel off at one end of the bag at the heat seal

It is also a common opening method to peel off the heat-seal at one end of the bag. The primary requirement for heat seals is better sealing because the seal is the most likely to leak. Common heat sealing methods include heat sealing rod sealing and electric sealing, different packaging materials and different sealing methods. Herein, the opening at the heat-seal end refers to an opening method of the heat-seal end sealed with the heat-sealable rod, and an easy opening effect can be achieved by using the easy-opening material, for example, now chocolate packaging is commonly used as an easy-opening material.

Easy opening film is a kind of heat sealable film, generally adopting multilayer composite structure. After the film is heat sealed and sealed, the seal has good sealing performance, and can effectively prevent the leakage of the contents and the contamination of the contents by the external substances during the storage and transportation of the goods. When the products need to be taken out, it can be convenient. Peel off the seal. The selection of the easy-opening film heat seal layer is crucial to the performance of the easy-open film, and a special adhesive or special formula can be used. In order to ensure the convenience of opening at the heat sealing end, the heat sealing strength of the material needs to be controlled within a reasonable range, and the surface friction property of the packaging material should also be considered.

3, easy-opening analysis of bottle-shaped packaging

Bottle-shaped packaging is widely used in beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging and other aspects, its packaging materials are mainly divided into three categories: paper-plastic composite materials, plastics, glass. According to different sealing methods, the bottle cap sealing and the heat sealing sealing can be divided into two methods. The corresponding opening methods mainly include opening the bottle cap and opening from the heat sealing position of the container port.

3.1 Open the bottle cap

The bottle cap sealing bottle needs to open the bottle cap to open the package. Whether the cap is easy to open can directly affect the consumer's confidence in a brand and affect the consumers' repurchase. Especially for casual drinks, if the opening force is too great, it will not meet its casual style. At present, the opening of small-sized packaging containers mainly depends on human resources, so the control of the opening force is even more important. The index that characterizes the opening force value of the cap is a torque force. Torque force is too great for the opening and locking of the cap. The torque force is too small to give the transportation, display, and contents of the product. Protective effect. Same as the detection of the tearing force of the packaging bag, the detection device also provides a sufficient clamping force for the bottle body when detecting the opening of the bottle cap and the locking force, so as to ensure that it does not slip, so the surface of the container should be comprehensively considered in designing. Friction properties and cap opening force.

3.2 Open at the heat seal of the container mouth

Sealed-seal bottles are commonly used in the packaging of coffee, jellies, and instant noodles. The main method of opening the package is to open it from the closure. Since the use of other opening methods may have a certain influence on the use process of the contents of the heat-sealing packaging container, the application of the easy-opening material on such a packaging container is very extensive. Similar to the opening of the heat-sealing part of the packaging bag, the heat-sealing strength between the material and the container, the coefficient of friction of the material, and the coefficient of friction of the container wall should be considered comprehensively in the design, and the test under various grip conditions should be simulated.

4, summary

The openability of the package can be comprehensively considered through the test of tearing performance, friction performance, heat sealing performance, and torque force. Of course, some information of the sales target must be included in the design. If a package designed for children is used, it is necessary to measure the size, shape, capacity, opening force, and the related structure of the handle according to the child's strength so that the child can be effective. Use the package.

Author/Zhao Jiang Source: Food Industry (Shanghai)-2006(1)

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