Fireworks packaging design

One: Prospects

Fireworks and firecrackers are an art and a kind of Chinese traditional culture. In terms of packaging, they are all relatively backward packaging methods, but the biggest feature is the low cost, but as people's living standards continue to improve, people’s aesthetics and The grade has been greatly improved. In the most recent year, fireworks and firecrackers were changed from “forbidden” to “limited.” This implies that Liuyang’s fireworks industry is about to set off a frenzy of reforms. Only in this way can we continue to satisfy people’s growing spirit. The need for culture, in addition to researching more new products, is followed by making a fuss on the packaging of fireworks. According to investigations, the packaging design of fireworks involves huge business opportunities and is waiting for development.

II: Characteristics of fireworks products

There are specific requirements for the packaging of any commodity. Fireworks and firecrackers are no exception. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary commodity packaging, fireworks and firecrackers have its specific product attributes. It is a gunpowder product that requires explosion protection; it is easy to use. Fire-fighting products require fire protection; it is a damp-proof product, needs moisture protection, etc. Therefore, a full understanding of the characteristics of fireworks and firecrackers is of great significance to the packaging design of the product.

Three: Factors that should be considered in packaging design

The first one is the basic element of science and technology. The design of fireworks and firecrackers must first of all clarify its function and the function of the packaged goods.

Second, the basic elements of culture and art, through the design of shapes (graphics, trademarks, words), colors, textures, etc., to evoke consumers' aesthetic feelings and meet their aesthetic needs.

Thirdly, it is a fundamental element of the market economy. The packaging of goods is a "silent salesman." It can attract consumers' attention and generate desires for purchase. However, it must first conduct market surveys (contents include consumption level and consumption level).

Four: the classification and function of fireworks packaging.

The classification of fireworks products can be divided into the following ways. 1: From the nature of packaging, can be divided into hard packaging, semi-hard packaging, flexible packaging. 2 from the packaging structure can be divided into inner packaging (refers to the fireworks products container, I used to be called "package") and packaging (decoration, we are used to call "paper") 3 from the product style Points can be divided into firecracker product packaging and fireworks product packaging. Including firecrackers packaging products installed, disk mounted category, toys, etc. Fireworks products are large-scale fireworks and small and medium-sized fireworks.

Fireworks packaging features. Its functions include protection function; communication function; accommodation function; value function; aesthetic function; environmental protection function.

V: Innovative positioning of packaging

1 domestic products.

China has a long history of traditional culture, which also left behind the national and folk culture of fireworks and firecracker packaging. It takes the modern product consumption, marketing competition and cultural image as the background of the times, and makes people resonate emotionally, thus further satisfying the psychological and physiological aesthetic needs of contemporary people.

I see the pine and cypress, the crane, I think of happiness and longevity. Seeing that the fish think of more than one year, etc., use these traditionally established national images on packaging to make it break away from its original superstition, expand its beautiful and peaceful ideological connotations, and better interact with contemporary Chinese consumers.

From the point of view of the means, the use of paper cutting, woodcut, batik and other methods.

From the graphical point of view, select the auspicious patterns of ethnic cultural characteristics and local characteristics.

From the material point of view, the comprehensive application of local characteristics such as bamboo, earthen cloth, shabbu, straw, and modern materials is applied in accordance with local conditions.

2: Export products

First: Multi-functional goods packaging and one-time goods packaging are selling at the same time. In addition to packaged goods, multi-functional commodity packaging can also be used for other purposes, which improves the use of packaging, saves resources, and reduces environmental pollution. This should be instructive for the design of fireworks and firecracker packaging. At the same time, there is also a large market for one-off goods packaging. The one-time packaging function is simple and inexpensive. It is quite popular among some consumers.

2. The second is that it has a special package for packaging and packaging. The second is scented commodity packaging, and the third is retro-type commodity packaging (recommendations; you can visit the Baxianqiao Fireworks Factory. Their packaging has the above two points)

Third, green packaging materials have received attention. In recent years, environmental protection issues have attracted much attention in many countries. Various countries have formulated regulations on the disposal of packaging. So in recent years, paper packaging is very popular.

Source: International Fireworks Network

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