Patent Name: Plastic Color Printing Compound Fine Division Machine

Patent Name: Plastic Color Printing Compound Fine Separator Patent Application No. X Publication Number: 2645905
Application Date: 2003.05.29 Public Day: 2004.10.06
Applicant: Zhao Xianming This utility model discloses a color printing compounding machine for plastic color printing. The color printing machine has 10 colors. A color printing roller for each color is installed in the middle of the main frame, and a compound adding machine is installed on the side of the color printing machine. The hot press is installed on the other side of the color printing machine. The composite drying box is installed on the top of the main frame. The fine extension machine is installed on the outside of the compound hot press. Near the main receiving roller, each machine is connected to the color printing machine through a driving roller. A rocker transmission roller is arranged between the compound gluing machine and the compound drying oven and the compound hot press respectively. The rocker arm transmission roller is connected with the main frame and the rocker arm is connected to the main frame at one end, and One end is mounted on the center shaft of the rocker drive roller, the rocker arm and the rocker drive roller are flexibly connected to the color plate roller and the compound rubber roller, and the composite hot roller is installed with a servo motor and the microcomputer is connected to increase the function of the device. Reduce floor space, improve product quality and accuracy, save manpower and improve work efficiency.

Measurements (mm)

1620*600 (L*W*H)


smooth PVC,good sponge(Different material is available at your demand)


a. safe

b. durable
c. colorful

d. Simple and easy assembly


a. Advanced techniques and high-tech equipments

b. A full set of quality control system and comprehensive management mechanism
c. Owning a professional design team

d. Self-owned brand and independent manufacturer

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Age Range


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Communities, amusement park, kindergarten, prechool, residential area, supermarket,



Standard export packing


EN1176, EN71, CCC,CE,14000,28000,GS,SGS

Warranty Period

2 years

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