Bright cheese adopts inverted trapezoidal high quality carton

Bright Dairy launched a new cheese product that has attracted the industry's attention due to its unique packaging style. This cheese is packaged in inverted trapezoidal trays filled with cheese in a quadruple cup.

According to the person in charge of the Bright Dairy Packaging Department, this personalized box is designed to better attract consumers and promote the sales and growth of new products. She said that because cheese is a refrigerated food, so the requirements for its packaging cartons must be relatively special and more severe, such as the selection of the paper should pay attention to the paper's hardness, hygienic, moisture resistance and oil resistance, etc. The paperboard packaging used is a food grade 300G Ningbo white card that fully meets the above requirements. At the same time, the carton is also very demanding for printing inks, must be completely environmentally friendly and has no odor. This package uses a crown-free, environment-friendly crown ink.

It is reported that this bright cheese is produced by Germany's Hessian's filling production line, and the packaging carton is printed by Shanghai Yinle Printing Industry Co., Ltd. using Heidelberg senior presses. The four-color printing pattern is very beautiful, highlighting the distinctive and fashionable personality and theme of the product. The trademark part of the carton has also been treated with a convex surface, making it very eye-catching, leaving a deep impression. In order to better protect against moisture and oil, the box has been coated with double-sided film after printing, and the bright film that it covers has greatly improved the color and brightness of the printed products. This bright cheese is vividly displayed in a young and fashionable manner. Health, high-end product connotation.

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