Analysis of Error Messages in the Process of PSPNT Dispatching

(3) Error Message: RIP Interpretation File PS File Times "Grammatically wrong undefined color..."

Processing: This error is generally related to the color setting. If the FIT generated PS file, check whether there is an object using the RGB color model or grayscale color model on the layout, and the color must use the CMYK color model.

This rope can use many different materials with graceful colors. The material can be polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, nylon, PP multi and etc.


There are many kinds of Marine Rope in the markets, including the fender line, anchor line, Dock Line, Leisure Yacht Rope and so on.


Transportation ships and offshore platform towing, super tankers, container ships, buck carriers mooring, national defense military equipment, aerospace, marine vessels, ocean engineering and platforms, mining special power communications engineering, heavy lifting, rescue and lifesaving, sports equipment and many areas to replace wire rope and synthetic rope.

Leisure Yacht Rope

Leisure Yacht Rope,Yacht Rope,Nylon Double Braided Ropes