Australia launches several active packaging technologies

Researchers at the Australian Food Science Council recently launched novel active packaging technologies such as carbon dioxide emissions, ethylene removal, and visible damage indications.

SO2 release Although SO2 is not yet recommended for use in many countries due to its allergic response, SO2 is an effective staphylococcal antibacterial agent and can extend the product's shelf life. Recently developed fiberboard packaging material structure can release SO2. This structure contains a sandwich composed of an organic acid and calcium sulfite. When water vapor is present, SO2 is formed and continuously released.

The traditional method of ethylene removal is to use potassium permanganate made in small packages on fresh food trays so that the ethylene produced by the respiration and the surrounding environment can be removed to extend the shelf life from the surface. Australian experts have also developed an "ethylene-specific drug" (C2N2N4) as an ethylene-removing agent that can effectively remove ethylene from the packaging space within 4 hours.

The damage showed that Australian experts invented a technology for flexible packaging. When the package is damaged (even pinhole size), the packaging material will produce a noticeable color change to alert the consumer.

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