Intermec Launches Second-Generation Automotive RFID Reader

U.S. Intermec Technologies Inc. recently announced the launch of the world's first IV7 Intellitag vehicle RFID reader that supports EPCglobal's second-generation RFID standard. The IV7 Intellitag car RFID reader compatible with multiple protocols can read tags conforming to EPCglobal's second generation RFID standard made by different manufacturers. It is not only compatible with EPCglobal's first generation, second generation and ISO 18000-6b standards. The world's major RFID standards, but also with the evolution path compatible with the emerging ISO 18000-6c standard.

As a new member of Intermec's second-generation RFID readers, the IV7 Intellitag vehicle-mounted RFID reader IV7 can be installed on an in-vehicle computer with Windows operating system including the Intermec CV60. The IV7 Intellitag Car RFID Reader eliminates the need for manual scanning or keyboard input, thereby increasing operator productivity; the IV7 Intellitag Vehicle RFID Reader verifies the movement of goods automatically and in real time, thereby reducing operator time and human errors. Because both the CV60 and IV7 are suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and meet IP65 requirements, the combination of the wireless communication performance of the CV60 and the fast reading capability of the IV7 will mean that the forklift will be active in an area equipped with RFID tags. The management system can automatically update the position of the forklift. The position data of the inventory shelf can also be automatically updated when a piece of cargo is transported or shipped in; the IV7 Intellitag vehicle RFID reader integrates Intermec's intelligent remote service provision platform. (Smart Systems), which communicates between the Intermec system console and devices, can safely, intelligently, seamlessly identify, track, and manage assets on the enterprise supply chain anywhere, helping companies enhance mobility through management systems. The visibility of assets increases the utilization of corporate capital assets.

The advantage of IV7 Intellitag's on-board RFID reader is immediately evident when the tag is removed from the fixed reader and the reader needs to read the tag. When the number of warehouse channels in the warehouse is far greater than the number of forklifts, the IV7 Intellitag vehicle RFID reader can better reflect Its excellent cost advantage. The IV7 can control up to four antennas individually to read the tags of the shipping/receiving pallets simultaneously in different RFID environments, read the warehouse inventory shelf labels of the directional storage applications, read the packaging labels for placing the pallets, and Asset tracking tag.

Source: Qianlong News

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