US production of steam sterilization medical packaging

The United States used Ticona cyclo-olefin copolymer (COC) blends to produce steam-disinfected sheets that were resistant to steam sterilization at 121°C for 20 minutes.

This COC blend is processed into thin film applications targeting a single dose of blister packs for liquid drugs and tablets. This white or translucent film is said to have very low shrinkage and warpage, and it is very easy to precisely control the film thickness during molding. In addition, the film also has excellent toughness, high gloss and good barrier properties.

Plastic tumblers are made of food grade PP or TRITAN plastics. They are FDA certified and BPA free. Plastic tumblers are much lighter, and much cheaper, but they do not have a good temperature retention performance. We have single wall plastic tumblers and double wall plastic tumblers from 10oz to 30oz.

Plastic Tumbler

Plastic Tumbler

Plastic Tumbler,Double Wall Plastic Tumbler,Plastic Straw Tumbler,Plastic Double Wall Tumbler

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