Principle, characteristics and printing method of stencil printing

Basic principles of stencil printing

In addition to the three major layouts of letterpress, lithography, and gravure, another type of stencil printing, which is similar to craftsmanship, also occupies a unique aspect of the modern printing industry. Due to the profound impact of the modern business world, it is also highly valued in the design world. Because of its unique expressive power, stencil printing has a wide range of applications. It is a designer or the general public, and it is also necessary to understand a little concept. Where the printed part is like a hole, and those who print in this way are called "hole printing".

For example, it is generally used to engrave on wax paper with a steel needle or printed with an electronic stencil printing machine. This is a more basic stencil printing, and screen printing is used in design or industry. Screen printing was used early In handicrafts and the like, it has now been developed into automated printing. In the process of plate making, the photo-engraving method has been used to make the layout. Because of its thick ink color and a special feeling, it is most suitable for special effect printing. It can also be printed on three-dimensional surfaces such as boxes, circles, cans, etc. In addition to printing paper, it can also be printed on cloth, quick handles, plastic sheets, metal sheets, glass and other materials.

Stencil printing

Since the stencil printing is through printing, the ink feeding device is above the printing surface, and the paper is placed under the printing surface. The printing method is that the printing surface is a positive grain transmission type, and the printing to the printing surface is still a positive grain. Due to the different printing purposes, the surface of the printed matter can be made into a curved plate with the surface of the printed matter. Anything outside the limits of the three major printing formats can generally be achieved by hole printing. As for its pressure method, it is not lithographic flat pressing, nor circular plate circular pressing, but an extension of the Chinese printing method during the early invention printing period, that is, "horizontal embossing method". Of course, the pressure method is also reduced to a minimum.

Advantages and disadvantages of stencil printing:

â‘ Advantages: The ink is thick and the hue is beautiful, any material can be used for printing, and curved surface printing is possible.
â‘¡ Disadvantages: slow printing speed, low production volume, color printing performance is difficult, mass printing is not suitable.

Application range of stencil printing

①For special printing, ②glass bottle, ③plastic bottle, ④iron sheet, ⑤metal plate, ⑥cloth flower, ⑦paper printing, ⑧other three-dimensional printing.

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