Hard disk packaging box design structure (in)

2 PC hard drive packaging structure design II

This scheme is an improved structure based on the current hard disk outer box structure. Use the part of the packaging carton that can extend to fold inwards

Comparing Fig. 3 with Fig. 4, it is not difficult to see that the latter design is designed in the extension of the former. In the premise of guaranteeing the molding of the box body, an additional folded part is prolonged, and after it is folded and formed, the structure is the same as the current hard disk package inner lining structure, and there are two pieces of card-type parts used for clamping the product to achieve the fixing effect. And the inner lining is designed for easy removal.

The structure is formed on one page, and the requirement of the package in the product circulation can be satisfied without the use of adhesive.

(to be continued)

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