Jisheng Weibang International Furniture Village Brand Discount Hall officially opened

The first "furniture outlets" in the Yangtze River Delta landed in Shencheng

——Jishuang Weibang International Furniture Village Brand Discount Hall officially opened

Most consumers who have bought furniture have this experience. When buying furniture, they must wait until the festivals to engage in promotional activities to enjoy the "discount" discount. However, concentrated promotional activities often have problems such as long product delivery cycle and limited selection of styles, and because of the large number of people who concentrate on consumption during the promotion period, after-sales service is also worrying... all kinds of problems make consumers "market promotion" "I really love and hate." The “Furniture Outlets” newly opened in Jisheng Weibang International Furniture Village does not have such problems. The preferential prices, rich products and good after-sales service do not give up.

On April 29th, the JSWB International Furniture Village Brand Discount Hall was officially opened. As the first super-large furniture outlet in the Yangtze River Delta, the exhibition hall covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters. The products cover a large number of domestic and foreign well-known furniture brands, such as export domestic products, inventory products, seasonal products, exhibition hall samples, etc. Guaranteed, at the same time in the form of factory direct sales to give consumers the greatest benefits, allowing consumers to spend less money to get high-quality home life. In addition, relying on the platform advantage of Jisheng Weibang, even if the products are purchased at low prices, they can enjoy the corresponding after-sales service, so that consumers have no worries.

Choose furniture like a garment

Buying clothes to outlets has long been the first choice for many people who will "live". Today, as prices have risen, it has long been a "compulsory course" for white-collar workers. Now, in addition to buying clothes, you can go to Outlet, as a furniture product with a big head for family expenses, you also have your own outlets.

As the largest furniture store in the Yangtze River Delta, JSWB International Furniture Village covers more than 200 brand flagship stores and 13 major furniture theme pavilions, including more than 40 international first-line brands. Furniture is also the same as clothing. Every season has its own fashion trend. How to sell out the season products more quickly, and use the limited space of exhibition halls more effectively is a concern of all major brands. For other large factories, the products that are in stock and exported to domestic sales have become a "big thing". These products are of excellent quality and some have unique styles, but because of the "popular products" sold in the current season. If you don't cooperate well, you can only be shelved.

How can we sell these excellent products more quickly, so that manufacturers can solve the problem of inventory, and let consumers get real benefits and achieve a win-win situation? The first “Furniture Outlets” in the Yangtze River Delta, the JSWB International Furniture Village Brand Discount Hall, was born. Here, consumers can choose more clothes and choose more styles and styles. You can buy high-quality furniture products at an affordable price, and you can enjoy the same after-sales service as regular-priced products.

It is reported that although the "Furniture Outlets" has been in operation for less than one month, it has already been sought after by consumers in Shanghai, and the daily sales have reached more than one million yuan.

Consumers fall in love with "furniture outlets"

"It's very convenient here. You don't have to run around. There are so many choices in a store. The price is much cheaper than the outside. Although the road is a bit far, it is very worthwhile to run once." Mr. Wang, who is buying a sofa. I told reporters that before he bought furniture, he had to run at least a few big stores to shop around. People didn’t say hard, and often the styles in each store were similar. There was no room for choice. Jisheng Weibang International Furniture Village helped him save a lot of power. It also saved a lot of money for him.

It is understood that the furniture outlets reach 20,000 square meters, both in terms of brands and categories, sleep products, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, classical style, modern simplicity, etc., a variety of styles and styles have a discount the price of. The long-term discount of "furniture outlets", the price is as low as 2 fold, such as 6999 yuan bedroom five-piece, 3199 yuan restaurant one table four chairs, 999 yuan double bed and so on. As long as you choose carefully, you will often get unexpected surprises.

The reporter encountered a couple in the store who was setting up a new house. The husband’s face was full of smiles. “I always thought that picking furniture is a laborious and laborious thing. Now it seems quite simple, here. You can get everything done in a circle, the price is so low, there is security after the sale, it is estimated that you will be able to stay in your new home soon."

There is no false profit for "full delivery", no "promotional" price game, "furniture outlets" real price tag, let the discounts be seen, consumers do not have to be led by "promotional activities" When "discount" becomes a normal state, you can always come to "Furniture Outlets" to buy your favorite products at a low price.

Theme park-like shopping environment

In addition to affordable convenience, the JSWB International Furniture Village theme park-like shopping environment allows consumers to truly achieve "happy shopping." Unlike the general closed environment of furniture stores, JSWB International Furniture Village is more like a theme park. There are not only shady trees, buildings of different shapes and styles, but also a river running through the entire home village. When you are tired, choose a hydrophilic platform to drink a cup of coffee, enjoy the ups and downs of the reeds, and occasionally see one or two. The waterfowl stays on the shore and enjoys the excursions while shopping.

The reporter found a mother and daughter among the customers of Xiaoyan. Ms. Dong, the mother, is 70 years old. The old house was demolished and she has a new house. She is accompanied by her daughter to pick up new furniture. Ms. Dong’s daughter told the reporter that her mother’s age is high, but she has to personally choose new furniture. She was worried that her body would not support it. Fortunately, there is a rest area here. The environment is still so good, so she should accompany her. Going out for a walk.

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