Sportswear Olympic dress out of the Chinese style

Cross-border cooperation in fashion and sportswear was not new in previous years. This year, because of the Olympic Games, the European Cup and a series of sports events, the boundaries of fashion and sportswear began to blur. In addition to the sports and fashion Crossover, this season's cross-border also added a new content - environmental protection, it is precisely because of the strong support of environmental trends, so that the combination of sports and fashion this year and past years have become very different. The Olympics have given the fashion world a special reason for the frenzy of sports. As early as last year, the trend-setting agency WGSN, which owns a large number of fashion observers, pointed out that the increasingly close connection between fashion and sports will be a major part of this year's fashion industry. In fact, this spring and summer apparel, we can find a clear Crossover effect, the boundaries between sports and fashion has become increasingly blurred, sports fashion is no longer confined to the perfect model on the T stage Shape, more and more sports and fashion design combined with the penetration into daily life, in the people wearing a dress in the drop show.