World Pa brand sportswear business upgrade project

World tyrants in order to expand brand awareness, increase brand credibility, but also moving in this direction tireless efforts, through the hiring of well-known sports stars act as Brand Ambassador, to participate in movies and television filming, sponsor major sports, national campaigns costume design Contest and other initiatives make the brand awareness and reputation continue to increase. Take the "World War" has just been named the top ten apparel brand in Jiangsu Province Dongfeng, Wuxi Olympic Clothing Co., Ltd with the sports apparel market for many years of actual combat experience and market accumulation, decided to start a comprehensive "World tyrants" brand upgrade project , Will be "World War Pa-Chinese" into a more competitive sportswear brand in China , and held in November 11 in Wuxi brand upgrade project press conference. Wuxi Olympic Clothing Co., Ltd. is the leader in Jiangsu Province, sportswear, general manager Yan Jin Cai said that the core of the world tyrants to upgrade the brand is "dedication of sports, services fitness." With the improvement of living standards and health awareness of ordinary people in China, more and more ordinary people are being recognized by more and more ordinary people through physical exercise. Today, the state has given unprecedented attention to the development of sports in China. It has promulgated a series of policies and measures to vigorously support the construction and development of sports undertakings. This will undoubtedly promote the arrival of a nation-wide fitness craze and mass sports in China Popularization and promotion, which for the Chinese sportswear market means a brand new period of development is coming, this period will show new characteristics, will also contain a new development environment and opportunities. Meanwhile, with the ebb of the international financial crisis, the international economy will gradually recover. The domestic consumer market, which precedes the international economic downturn, will see strong growth and provide support and protection for the sales and development of domestic-funded enterprises. The "World War" To seize the opportunity to strive to become China's sportswear market has a strong competitive brand. Yan Jincai introduced the face of a new round of development opportunities, companies must advance with the times, change the development of ideas, breaking the traditional model, innovation brand operation, open up new space for development to successfully seize this new opportunity. To this end, after rigorous market research and well-brewing, preparation, Wuxi Olympic Clothing Co., Ltd decided to start the "World tyrants" brand upgrade project, innovation and development, to meet the requirements of the times and market development, to meet the new consumer under the new era The demand. World Championship brand upgrade focused on the following: To "Nike", "Adidas" and other internationally renowned sports brand as the catch-up object, pressure-driven, efforts to get out of a new way of development of China's sportswear. The establishment of world class cultural and sports center, specialization, long-term, institutionalized contribution to the development of China's sports, contribute to the national fitness to improve the quality of the whole nation. Increase innovation, pay close attention to product development. And Jiangnan University and other institutions of higher learning to carry out the cooperation between production and research institutes and universities, the university's scientific research and design advantages and business production, marketing advantages combine to enhance the World Pa in product design and new fabrics, the application of new sports function elements Level. The establishment of "World tyrants" sportswear R & D center to promote the brand design, research and development for consumers, to produce more and better seasonal, marketable products. Innovative marketing model to enhance service standards. "World tyrants" will start the brand monopoly, shopping malls, tailor-made and other multi-channel, all-round marketing services, so where there is no need to have "World War", "World War" sportswear as "dedication to sports , Serving the nationwide fitness "pioneer.