Plastic bottle machine

The plastic bottle unscrambler is mainly composed of a bottle lifting mechanism, a finishing mechanism, a heading mechanism, a clamping and conveying mechanism, and a turnover mechanism. The collation path of the collation mechanism is matched with the size and shape of the bottle diameter. The hook mechanism is provided with a hook capable of hooking the bottle mouth and making it 180 degree turn. The length and shape of the hook are matched with the bottle, and the turnover mechanism is provided. There are gear wheels that match the size and thickness of the bottle. The hooks of the unscrewing mechanism of the unscrambler transport the bottles sent from the bottle-arranging mechanism in the same order, and turn the bottles by turning the mechanism by turning the bottles by 90 degrees, so as to become the orderly bottle-end upward conveying operation. In addition, the speed of unscrambled bottles has been doubled, and the connection between the unscrambler and the subsequent processes has been made more rational and smooth.

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