Ink viscosity test method

1, the principle of using the ink stickiness instrument to test the size of the resistance of the ink thin layer separation or being torn apart, as a digital representation.

2, material (1) cotton yarn.
(2) Scrubbing solvent NY-200 solvent oil (according to GB 1922)

3. Instrument (1) Ink stickiness meter: MODEL RGV-3 (Japan).
(2) The stopwatch division value is 0.2s.

4. Test conditions The test shall be conducted at a temperature (25±1)°C and a relative humidity of 65±5.

5, inspection steps

(1) Turn on the instrument power, adjust the water temperature of the thermostat to 32 °C, and keep it at a constant temperature.
(2) Place the instrument shift lever in the low speed position and press the synthetic rubber roller and the uniform rubber roller on the metal roller.
(3) Start the instrument. After 15 minutes of operation, place the cursor on the scale “0”. Adjust the instrument so that the scale is in equilibrium.
(4) After the adjusted sample ink is poured into the metal ink absorber, the sample ink is extruded from the metal and the ink and evenly coated on the synthetic rubber roller. Turn the motor by hand so that the ink is uniformly applied to the metal roller and the roller.
(5) start the instrument, evenly ink. When the brake is removed within 30s, the cursor is moved to balance the scale, and the sticky data is read out in 1 minute.
(6) If you want to measure the viscosity value when the instrument is running at medium and high speeds, move the instrument shift lever to the medium or high speed position. The inspection procedure is the same as the low speed.

6. When the test result scale is balanced, the number pointed by the cursor is the stickiness value.

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