Sunshine Mistakes Beware of Summer Blacks

The weather is getting hotter, and you want to have a glossy white muscle in the summer. In addition to whitening, you should not ignore the sunscreen. In addition to the awareness of sun protection, in daily life, there are often many mistakes that are easy to be mistaken. The sunscreen method must be careful. Otherwise, even if you work harder in the summer, you will not be able to come back.

No sunscreen is used indoors

1. No sunscreen inside

Most people think that it is "not visible" in the sun or indoors, so there is no need for sun protection. In fact, this is not true. Because of the effects of light scattering and refraction, ultraviolet rays are ubiquitous, both indoors and outdoors, on sunny days and rainy days, so sunscreens must be used every day. Daily maintenance, use SPF15, rubbing 20 minutes before sun exposure, the effect is better.

2. As long as it is a high multiple, it will not tan

For long-term exposure to the sun, in addition to the use of high-factor sunscreen, it is more important to consider the dilution of sweat on sunscreen products. If the waterproof sunscreen product is not used, even if the SPF value can protect the sunscreen for 3 hours, you should also apply it in advance. If you are swimming at the beach, be sure to use a waterproof sunscreen product. If you wash your face or sweat too much, you should replenish it once.

3. Waterproof sunscreen does not need to be rubbed

The last misconception is that you can use a high magnification to not tanning, so use a waterproof sunscreen. But in fact, it is also a mistake to wipe off the anti-sweat and waterproof sunscreen. In fact, most sunscreen products are gradually diluted from the skin after soaking in water. Sunscreen lotion should be added immediately. Even if you choose a sunscreen product that is waterproof, water-blocking or anti-sweat, it is best to replenish it after two hours.

Sunscreen SPF play addition

4. Sunscreen SPF play addition

I bought the SPF20 cream and bought the SPF30 liquid foundation. Both of them will rub on my face before I go out, and I can easily achieve the SPF50 sunscreen effect!

This is a myth that many people will make, but this is the absolute wrong concept. Many sunscreen products are rubbed on the face together. The sun protection factor cannot be added. It will only be based on the highest multiple. SPF20 and SPF30 sunscreen are added. The final result will only be SPF30. Do not think that you have the sunscreen effect of SPF50!

5. White clothes have better sun protection than black clothes.

People often say that wearing dark clothes will absorb heat, light clothes will dissipate heat, and if they dissipate heat, they should be able to disperse ultraviolet rays. If you dissipate ultraviolet rays, you don't have to worry about tanning!

Wearing it can really protect you from sun protection, but the color is not the key. The important thing is whether the clothes have anti-UV materials! Dark clothes absorb heat and light clothes to dissipate heat. This is correct, but the heat referred to here refers to light, not to ultraviolet light, so the concept of light-colored clothes to prevent ultraviolet rays is wrong.

6. Apply sunscreen before going out.

Experts tell us that 2 hours is the maximum time limit for sunscreen replenishment, 20 minutes in advance to let the sunscreen wake up and play a role. Chemical sunscreen should be rubbed 20 minutes before going out, and physical sunscreen will rub it to work. But today's sunscreen products are mostly a mixture of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe the skin 20 minutes before going out, and the long-term absorption and isolation effect can be applied after the sunscreen component penetrates into the stratum corneum.

7. Do a good job of sun protection on your face.

Some of the most overlooked places have forgotten to apply sunscreen, so that the more sun-baked, the more sun-grown, the more you wear a halter top, a miniskirt, bare arms and knees.

1. Back neck: When we are habitually facing the sun, your back neck is being exposed to the sun. If you are a hair or a horsetail control, you must apply sunscreen to the back neck.

2. Feet: Don't put your feet into sandals. The skin on the instep itself is very thin and has little fat. Therefore, the water retention and anti-drying power are relatively weak, and if you don't pay attention to it for a long time, you will be exposed to the sun. It became a flower skin. Is it so hard to put your feet on the sun? When you apply your calf, it will not be finished. If you want to use it, of course, every toe needs to be applied. The special part to be noticed is the heel. The skin here will be drier, rough and dull after sun exposure. It may not be able to respond to tenderness throughout the year.

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