Live broadcast notice: Children's furniture, everyone talks about the analysis of industry guidance consumption

Children are the future and hope of the family. Children's furniture products are a relatively important area for furniture consumption for families with children. Because: the environment determines the future of the child. Faced with the children's furniture in the market, how to choose to make consumers guilty. In this issue, Sohu Home invites well-known brands in the children's furniture industry and brands recommended by the store to uncover the mystery of children's furniture and guide us on how to purchase children's furniture. It also helps us analyze children's furniture and children's character and temperament. Help, make a reference and reference for your purchase.

·Hosting media: Sohu Home

· Interview time: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 14 o'clock

·Interview location: Small meeting room on the third floor of the office building of Red Star Outlet Mall

·Invited guests: more love children's furniture Ouyang Hong, Aolik children's furniture Zhang Weina, Songbao Kingdom children's furniture Jiang Shuling, Columbine children's furniture Yang Tianhong, happy station children's furniture Zhao Qinghua, Luoman Manor children's furniture Shen Aihong

· Moderator: Wang Yan, editor of Sohu Home Xi'an Station

·Interview form: discussion + chat + question and answer

The live discussion will be made at the discussion site, and we welcome continued attention.

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