"High-end imported furniture" profit 900% sell "psychological"

"Luxury furniture store, do you think it is really a place to buy furniture? Wrong! It is a show, an exchange, and a place where vanity is satisfied."

Recently, Chongqing Furniture Association will go to Guangdong to discuss the impact and impact on the domestic high-end furniture market after the Da Vinci furniture incident. The reporter contacted an insider and made relevant understandings about the situation behind the high-end furniture in the major stores in the city.

Mr. Shen, who has worked hard in the furniture industry for more than 10 years, specializes in selling high-end furniture. He told reporters that in fact, the furniture industry, like some other industries, also has its own "hidden rules."

Production link: limited cost foreign imported furniture also has Y goods

"One type is 'branded production', that is, a domestic merchant entrusts a foreign factory to produce a designated brand product, and the manufacturer produces a product of a specified grade according to the requirements of the merchant." Mr. Shen pointed out that in this case, foreign manufacturers only have their own products. The brand products provide quality guarantees, and are not responsible for non-manufacturer brands. If domestic merchants control the price, for example, if foreign manufacturers are required to reduce the cost of production, the quality of the products will naturally decrease accordingly, and thus there will be multiple parties with the original products of the manufacturers. difference. Although these products are imported, they do not have the high quality of those furniture in the European and American markets.

The other is “branded production” like Da Vinci. Foreign companies first place orders for domestic furniture factories, only OEM, not OEM. Then, dozens of domestic manufacturers, using domestic materials, invited domestic designers, as well as domestic workers, after the completion, they will send the furniture to the bonded port area according to the specified requirements. Then these companies will adjust the goods according to the needs of the stores across the country. Before shipment, they will be labeled as foreign.

"So the original price is only a few thousand yuan of furniture, turned into hundreds of thousands, even millions of furniture."

Propaganda link: hit three cards to build momentum

The first step: hit the "original natural imported forest" card.

"Things are rare, the things of wood, after being polished into furniture, and then savvy people, can not identify, where the materials come from. Italy, the United States, Canada natural forest farms, are our 'origin', of course, this The origin 'must be quoted oh'. Mr. Shen smiled.

Each company has a special planning department, which is responsible for making some videos, which show the natural forest farms of Canada and Italy. Repeated play, let consumers form a subconscious mind that is really good and expensive.

The second step: play the "foreign teacher design" card.

Once the furniture design is hooked up with foreign designers, it has produced a qualitative leap. The staff of the planning department will try their best to put the furniture in the name of the foreign designer.

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